Cleared and blazed as of September 2014

Section 4 North from I-64 northward to Jones Hollow - Whites Draft Road (N-S MPs 05.84-15.63).

Section 4 South disjunct from Crowder Road to Hanging Rock Observatory (N-S MPs 02.77 to 09.37).  Blazes may be faded and sparse, but the tread is on an easily followed old woods road.  

Warning on other portions of Section 4 (posted 3/3/2014)

Between Jones Hollow-Whites Draft Road and Meadow Creek (N-S MPs 05.84 and 00.00) we have reports of numerous blowdowns.  Chances are that before late spring, more blowdowns will occur.  This has been a pretty brutal winter so far.  Neither the WVSTA nor the USFS are likely to have crews in that Laurel Run portion of Section 4 until after May, so add a couple of extra hours to maneuver through the woody maze when you are planning your trip.